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Good Morning Author Pascal :) First off, thank you for these newsletters. It's been giving me insight into what innovations are current and relevant! You have been sharing many "alternative meat/protein" projects in your newsletter. I'm wondering if you think an "animal-meat-free world" is the way forward for humanity and if this is achievable? Keep 'em coming! Much love, Chris

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Hi Chris!

I think a purely "animal-meat-free world" will be difficult to achieve as meat is so engrained in habits and cultures, and many people also really enjoy the taste. It is important to vastly reduce meat consumption though to reach emissions cutting targets, which I think can and should be achieved through a mix of plant-based alternatives, cultured meat and mindful consumption.

The reason for including so many protein/meat alternatives is that I would love to replace animal products in my diet with equally delicious but more sustainable alternatives – they cant come out fast enough, I'd love to try them all!

And, to answer your question of whether this is achievable... we don't have a choice, so, yes!

Much love,


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